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Heart-warming care for epidemic prevention with one heart

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2023-12-01 17:29

In the face of the new policy of epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to strengthen the Group's daily epidemic prevention work, and effectively protect the life and health safety of employees and partners, on December 13, 2022, YAFIT Special Group issued medical surgical masks to all employees, with a "small mask" to pass "big care! "With the policy of epidemic control, YAFIT Group has issued medical surgical masks to all employees.

With the full liberalization of epidemic control policy, masks have become the most important necessities and consumables in work and life. Though small, the masks are precious in the situation of shortage of various epidemic prevention materials, which represents not only the materials but also the Group's deep care for its partners.

All along, YAFIT Special has always put the life safety and health of the staff in the first place, thinking about the needs of the staff and solving the staff's urgency. The free distribution of masks for all employees is not only a practical activity to implement the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, but also a concrete initiative to do practical things for employees. In the face of the daily severe epidemic prevention and control situation, all the staff should be awake to see the complexity and difficulty of the current epidemic environment, and always keep in mind to enhance self-protection, and jointly guard the health and safety of the people of YAFIT Special.

The distribution of masks not only added a security for all employees, but also let everyone receive a strong ideological education. We have said that a packet of masks, full of care, everyone will be determined to do their own health "first person", and effectively protect the epidemic safety prevention and control and the Group's various operations in a stable and orderly manner, and go all out to sprint the annual goals and key tasks.