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Enjoying Fancy - Pleasant Life

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2023-12-01 17:19

YAFIT Group's "Enjoying Fancy - Pleasant Life" Reading Salon

On May 10th, the first phase of Avanti Group's reading salon "Enjoy Fancy - Happy Life" was officially opened.

The first reading was Kazuo Inamori's "The Way of Life". Under the guidance of the tutor, everyone started to introduce themselves with enthusiasm. After getting acquainted with each other, under the leadership of Ms. Sui of the Finance Department, warm-up preparations were carried out. Accompanied by the soundtrack of "Eight Duan Jin", everyone relaxed their mind, concentrated their energy, clenched their fists, horse stance, palms, and sidestepped ...... one move after another in a flowing manner, which was quite graceful. Next is the "positive thinking meditation", in the soothing and gentle music background sound, everyone silent meditation, gently close your eyes, put aside the tension and anxiety, to harvest the inner peace and tranquility.

Mr. Ye Shengtao once said, "When chanting, for the inquiry not only rationally understand, and affectionate experience, unconsciously, the content and rationale into the reader's own things, which is the most valuable a state." Open the book, in this present moment, through reading aloud, become aware of your own voice, every breath, and follow the words in the book, poetically inhabiting the mind, and feel the warmth and touch of the words tugging at the heartstrings from between the lines.

"If you don't know how to live, how can you know how to die?" , if you don't know how to live, how can you truly understand death. Around the first chapter of "The Law of Living", we share reading experience, talk about the harvest experience, appreciate the charm of reading together, and convey the power brought by reading. Putting those simple principles of doing things with full enthusiasm into practice, upholding the spirit of altruism, and making continuous progress, no matter what you do, there is no lack of success. This is Kazuo Inamori's way of living, and it can also be everyone's way of living.

When thoughts flow into words, when words and memories lead us to look back. Even if we are in a quagmire, the fragrance of books accompanies us to look up to the stars.

Let's go to the next sea of reading with love in our hearts.