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Yafeite Group’s 2023 internal training concluded successfully

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2023-12-28 15:56

    Talent is the source of power for enterprise development, and training is the basic way and effective means to improve the quality of independent talent training. In order to effectively improve the level of training management, in 2023, Yafei Group proposed a training system construction framework with the overall goal of "systematization, refinement and informatization" of training management, in which the construction of a team of internal trainers is an important component of the training system part. In accordance with the principle of "focusing on marketing and serving demand", the Group's Human Resources Center strives to work steadily, work hard, and focus on results from top-level design to step-by-step implementation.
     In order to efficiently and accurately refine knowledge and experience and solidify implicit knowledge into explicit knowledge, the Group's Human Resources Center has systematically planned the development of courseware for internal trainers, and standardized requirements in terms of teaching hours and framework structure of courseware development, striving to Achieve standardization, standardization and specialization of courseware development. Through the intensive cultivation and wisdom extraction of internal trainers, key courseware that closely combines training tasks and skill improvement needs was finally precipitated, and the construction of internal trainer knowledge base has begun to take shape. After carefully polishing the course in the early stage, the training instructors started giving lectures one after another, teaching everything on the podium with clear ideas, solid professional qualities and confident expressions. From eloquent explanations to simple explanations, different styles are brilliant, bringing a feast of experience sharing and knowledge inheritance.

    Dean Wang Jiefeng, senior consultant of the group, fully affirmed the group's internal training work throughout the year. He emphasized that first, we must improve ideological understanding and strengthen organizational leadership. Each unit must effectively assume the main responsibility for building a team of internal trainers and promote cross-teaching among units. Second, we must give full play to the internal trainer's responsibility of "preaching, teaching, and solving doubts." Internal trainers must continue to learn and become experts in their respective professional fields. At the same time, they must constantly improve their teaching standards and truly maximize the effectiveness of course learning.
The construction of the internal trainer team will further focus on the independent cultivation of talents, promote the transformation of talent training from "natural growth" to "led growth", and become an effective inheritance and strong support for the talent team.
    In the future, Yafeite Group will continue to build a talent training platform and continuously carry out a series of training activities to provide strong impetus for building a learning organization and achieving the group's development goals!









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