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Yafeitei Group Womens Day theme event

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2024-03-20 11:08

Spring is in March, and time has lived up to its promise. Yafeite Group is filled with a different kind of fragrance. In order to welcome the International Women's Day, Yafeitei Group carefully organized and planned Women's Day themed activities to express care to female employees in a unique way, aiming to allow all employees to feel their own value and strength in creativity and beauty.

On the morning of March 8, as soon as the goddesses stepped into the company, they received flower calls from their "workstations". In this festival full of love and care, Yafeitei Group selects all kinds of flowers and uses the language of flowers to send blessings and surprises to its female partners.

Fragrant roses, sweet orange blossoms, mysterious white tea.From fresh fruity scents to warm floral scents, every fragrance is a kind of spiritual care. A variety of aromatherapy materials are neatly placed, like a colorful palette, showing unlimited space for imagination. Everyone carefully selected the materials and carefully prepared them, starting the aromatherapy DIY journey.

The process of making aromatherapy is not only a release of creativity, but also a spiritual communication. Everyone shares their production skills and experiences with each other, and exchanges insights from life. Each partner is immersed in his or her own little world, creating his or her own unique aroma, adding a touch of gentle color to every detail of the work. 

Everyone returned home with a full load. Not only did they harvest beautiful aromatherapy works, but they also enhanced their emotions and friendship with each other. They also deeply felt the care and love of Yafeitei Group.

Let us jointly extend our most sincere blessings to all women, and hope that they can shine their own unique light in work and life and achieve a better future!

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