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Uncovering the journey of steel pellet steel sand production: An in-depth visit to Dongying Factory

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2024-06-06 10:11

In the competitive international trade arena, we always believe that professional talent service and fine product production is the key to win the trust of customers.

In order to further enhance the professional quality of the company's personnel and deepen the understanding of the products, the group has recently set up a special group for exchange and learning to go to the Dongying cooperation plant for field study. This study is not only a personal knowledge accumulation, but also a true reflection of the company's responsibility for customers and products.

1. Explore the source of abrasive production

Under the leadership of the person in charge of the plant, the learning group visited the production line, storage facilities and testing center. From raw material screening, crushing; To product molding, heat treatment; To the final packaging and transportation, the learning group members witnessed every step of production from raw materials to finished products, deepening the production process and quality control standards of metal abrasives. Every step in the production process embodies the wisdom and sweat of the craftsmen, and strict production control adds a guarantee to the quality of the products.



2.Application scenarios of steel pellets and sand

Aerospace field: Because of its high strength and high temperature resistance, steel shot steel sand has a wide range of applications in the aerospace field. They are used to manufacture critical components such as aircraft engine parts, fuselage structures and spacecraft propulsion systems, ensuring their stability and reliability in extreme environments.



Oil and gas industry: In the oil and gas industry, steel pellets are used in the manufacture of drilling equipment, oil production equipment and oil and gas pipelines. These devices need to work in extreme conditions, and the high strength and corrosion resistance of the shot sand ensure their stability and safety in these harsh environments.



Automotive industry: In the automotive manufacturing process, steel shot steel sand is used to polish and clean the surface of automotive parts, improving the quality of coating and corrosion resistance. This not only improves the appearance quality of the car, but also extends the service life of the car.



Metal surface treatment: steel shot steel sand plays an important role in metal surface treatment. They can remove impurities such as oxide, rust and old coatings on metal surfaces, improve surface quality and structure, and improve the durability and appearance quality of metal products.



Ship repair: Ships are subject to erosion and wear by the Marine environment during use. The steel shot sand can be treated, repaired and painted on the hull surface, and play the role of anti-corrosion, anti-rust and anti-corrosion to ensure the safety and reliability of the ship.



3. Work together to create development

After this field study, the members of the study group have a more intuitive and profound understanding of the production of metal abrasives such as steel pellets and steel sand. In the future, Yafeite will continue to practice the core values of "customer service is our duty", improve its own professional quality and service level, and provide more quality products and services for our customers.

Let's work together for a better future!


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