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Classification of Steel Shots

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2024-07-05 13:55

Steel shot is mainly used in the field of surface treatment, such as removing oxidized skin, rust and old paint from castings, forgings, heat-treated parts, structural steel parts, containers and ship hulls. Steel shot can be categorized according to different criteria such as material, production process, shape and application.



Classification by material

1. Carbon steel shot: usually refers to shot made of low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. They are the most common shot, widely used in general industry for shot blasting rust removal, polishing and enhancement.


2. Stainless steel shot: containing nickel, chromium and other alloying elements, not easy to rust, used to deal with the need to prevent corrosion, the surface treatment of parts, such as stainless steel parts of the removal of surface defects, enhancement of surface properties.



Classification by production process

1. Casting steel shot: by pouring into the iron mold cooling curing and become, the shape is regular, the internal organization is more uniform.

2. Cutting (cut shot) steel shot: made by cutting steel wire, the shape is mostly cylindrical or equal diameter cutting section.

3. Conditioned steel shot: made of special materials, with specific conditions of use, such as high hardness steel shot.


Classification by shape

1. Round steel shot: smooth surface, shape close to the perfect round, commonly used in demanding surface processing and treatment.

2. Shaped steel shot (such as cut shot): the shape is different from round, may be cylindrical or other non-standard shapes, commonly used in special requirements of the surface treatment.


Classification by use

1. Steel shot for shot blasting: mainly used in shot blasting machine for cleaning, used to remove rust or old paint on the surface of castings, forgings, weldments, etc..

2. Tou shot for sand blasting: mainly used in sand blasting equipment, used to clean or polish the surface of the workpiece.


Grain size, hardness and other physical and chemical properties of steel shot are also important classification criteria. Different types of steel shot can be used in different surface treatment processes to improve or obtain the desired surface condition of the workpiece.

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