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Welcome 2024 And Create a better future together

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2023-12-28 16:03

    In the north, during every festive season, relatives and friends gather together to make dumplings for the festival. For family members, dumplings are a delicacy that cannot be replaced by delicacies from all over the world. Everyone gathers together to make a pot of dumplings, enjoying harmony, happiness and joy.

    In order to welcome the arrival of the New Year in 2024, and to unite all employees to work together and sprint towards the successful conclusion of 2023, Yafeite Group organized a special dumpling-making activity on December 23. Families gathered together and worked together to make the joyful festival The atmosphere reached a climax.
    Mixing the stuffing, kneading the dough, rolling out the dough... everyone was in high spirits and used their own skills to wrap auspiciousness and happiness into the dumplings. Although everyone has different techniques and the dumplings they make are in different shapes, all the dumplings are full of belly and full of joy. Platefuls of dumplings are cooked in lively boiling water, creating heart-warming delicacies and best wishes for the coming year: good luck in the new year and all the best!
    This activity not only allowed all members of the group to fully experience the traditional Chinese culture, but also further enhanced the cohesion of all members. Everyone expressed that they must work hard to join the final battle in 2023 with full enthusiasm and a fighting spirit, welcome the new year of 2024 with a better spirit, and start a new journey!


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