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Yafeite Group Parent-Child Open Day

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2024-01-03 10:00

    Home is a warm haven. If the family is a "small home", then the company is like a "big family". Going from one home to another with your family is destined to be a special journey.
In order to further enhance the emotional link between employees' families and the company and stimulate employees' sense of belonging, Yafei Group recently organized a "Have Fun in Summer, Happiness and Warmth at Home" parent-child open day event to provide employees with Send an unforgettable family time.

    Touching smiling faces and warm moments build a bridge of love and responsibility between the family and everyone. Amid joy and excitement, Yafei Group's "Parent-Child Open Day" event came to a successful conclusion, but the bond between Xiaojia and everyone, and the story from home to home, continues.Meeting is the best beginning, and joining hands is the warmest mutual education. This event is an important measure for Yafeit to continue to create a corporate "family culture" and enhance employees' sense of belonging and happiness.
    We look forward to working with you all to create more beautiful memories in the future.