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Sharing experience to promote progress and learning to grow together

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2023-12-01 17:27

Exchange and cooperation, mutual help and win-win; sum up the experience, in order to start the future. 2022, December 2, Jinmai two companies to carry out foreign trade experience sharing meeting, aimed at the depth of business exchanges, on foreign trade sales skills, all business personnel of Jinmai company participated in the meeting.

Participants combined with their own work, customer development, customer negotiation skills, price pricing strategy and other aspects of in-depth exchanges, and shared their communication with customers "secret skills". In the exchange of frequently asked questions, we actively and enthusiastically, express their views, share the problems encountered in the work and solutions, the exchange will be a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yue Zongzhen, General Manager of Jinmai 2 Company, summarized the exchange meeting and proposed that in the future, we can carry out more thematic exchanges and sharing in conjunction with the actual situation of the sales work, so as to improve the business level of the sales work through sharing, summarizing and reflecting, and hoped that all the employees of the company can share their knowledge and work experience with a positive and open mind, and improve and grow together in the sharing.

The foreign trade business experience sharing will carry forward the corporate culture, publicize the company's main business, enhance the communication between employees, promote synergy between departments played a bridge role, through the business backbone of the business, passing on the experience, in the company to create a good cultural atmosphere of learning together, mutual promotion and mutual advancement.