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Annual Meeting Ceremony of China YAFIT Group was held grandly

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2023-12-01 17:26

Bright and colorful, and going to the future together

--The Annual Meeting Ceremony of China Yafei Special Group was grandly held.

The sun and the moon change, the light and shadow flow, the coordinate axis of time and space engraved with every step of struggle, the shutter sound of memory to frame every frame of struggle. Looking back to 2022, it is a year of struggle, change and development. This year, we chased our dreams with sweat, spread our wings across difficulties, and shook with hardship; looking forward to 2023, it is a year of progress, synergy, and breakthrough. This year, we will use the quality of casting excellence, condensing concentricity and gathering force, with thick and thin. 2023 January 17, China Yafei special group annual ceremony as scheduled, all the Yafei special people to go to this year-end event.


President's Speech Welcoming New Prospects

In 2022,YAFIT Group continued to refine and overcome the unfavorable impact of the epidemic, and rose against the trend. At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr. Zhang Jinping, President of the Group, delivered a speech, expressing his deep gratitude and sincere blessings to all the hard-working and united staff. Mr. Zhang encouraged all the staff to be practical and diligent, focusing on the smallest details, making efforts in the daily routine, doing a good job and realizing refined management and operation. In the new year, all the staff of the group should join hands and work hard to meet the new challenges, and work together to create the glory of Yafei Special tomorrow!

Cadre Appointment Mission

Xu Xiaohong, Director of Human Resource Center, read out the appointment decision, and the group leaders issued appointment certificates for the newly appointed personnel.

The power of role model shines in the hall

Cultivation breeds harvest, and sweat irrigates success. The progress and achievements made by YAFIT Group cannot be separated from the efforts and contributions of each and every striver. YAFIT attaches great importance to the development of talents, providing employees with a platform to display their abilities and a channel for upward development. In the annual awards, there are the front-line sales, pioneering and enterprising; there are managers who dare to overcome difficulties and make breakthroughs in innovation; there are the service and support teams who are forceful and collaborative. ...... They are outstanding in their respective fields, and in the countless struggling days and nights, they have won the honors that belong to them.

Transmit the power of unlimited role models, highlighting the struggle of concentric responsibility. Award-winning representatives went on stage one after another, they are from ordinary and unheard of, with the strength, in the peaks and peaks of the career, once and again achieved the value of life in the colorful haze.


Wonderful Programs

If we say that in the commendation session, we felt the focus and efforts of the people of Yafei Tec, then in the program performance, we saw a different side of them, all of them are very talented and have great talent. The lights were already in place, the applause was already ringing, and they released their talents and personalities on the stage of Yafei Te.


Surprises and Thanksgiving Warmth

YAFIT Group pursues people-oriented, gratitude and filial piety "family" culture, in this special day, Mr. Zhang specially prepared a filial piety red packet for each partner, to send parents the blessings of the New Year, and to thank parents for their support and understanding of YAFIT's work. Mr. Zhang emphasized that he hoped everyone would not forget the kindness of parents and be grateful always.

Expectation of all the people, enjoying this night

Open the door to success and open the road to wealth. The lucky draw session, a new form, intense and interesting, generous prizes; the game session, fun and exciting, can be described as a climax, inspiring.


Live up to expectations and move forward

The senior advisor of the group, President Gu Ruijian, and President Wang Jiefeng delivered speeches. The two consultants fully affirmed the work of all branches and departments, and further clarified the work priorities and strategic direction for 2023, which injected a new forward momentum for each and every YAFIT person. We hope that all the partners will work together and concentrate their efforts to move forward.


In the harmonious, warm, passionate and joyful atmosphere, the annual meeting came to a successful end. It is a gathering, it is warmth; it is a review, it is a prospect. 2023 new chapter has begun, let's go to the wonderful and brilliant belonging to YAFIT!