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The flag leads the way, the oars set sail for a new journey.

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2023-12-01 17:21

A year of spring as the first, all things act first. In order to better formulate the planning of 2023 development strategy and business deployment, management effectiveness to enhance the precise policy, January 28 at the beginning of the start, Yafei Special Group held a 2023 planning start meeting, for the new year to set the tone, set the direction, clear path. Group chairman Zhang Jinping, group senior adviser Gu Ruijian, Wang Jiefeng and group senior management personnel attended the meeting.

Focusing on the work requirements and action plan for 2023, Mr. Zhang pointed out that the key to a good start and a good start in the new year lies in the people and the key to work.

First, we should adhere to the employment concept of "discovering talents, cultivating talents and reusing talents", comprehensively improve the overall level of the personnel team, and maximize the effectiveness of resources;

Second, forging the cadres, really break the "pot rice", adhere to the distinctive employment orientation, the competent person for the top, moral character, management, business all-round assessment at all levels, to create a team of officers and entrepreneurs, the responsibility of the cadres;

Third, strengthen the talent attraction, senior cadres should effectively play a key role, do a good job of "passing on", to talent-driven to lead the Group's high-quality development;

Fourth, vigorously strengthen the ideological construction of management personnel, firmly establish the sense of the overall situation and sense of responsibility, with "altruism, dedication, cultivation of the heart" active service, initiative, the courage to take on the burden;

Fifth, refine the internal strength, each company, each department to communicate effectively, efficient collaboration, breaking down departmental barriers, to put an end to their own, to enhance the quality and efficiency of the organization's business operations.

Although the road is far away, the sure-footedness of action can be reached; although the matter is huge, the firm for will be accomplished. The meeting called on all members of the group to build up a sense of urgency to accumulate the majestic power of the group's high-quality development; with a higher position, a larger pattern, a stronger commitment, to gather consensus to strive for the first, based on the post to make contributions to the new era of development of the Yafei special new chapter, together with the hand in hand to win the war in 2023!