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JINMAI Organizes Marketing Skill Sharing Workshop

Release time:

2023-12-01 17:21

In order to stimulate the team's vitality, find the target method, improve the work efficiency, enhance the learning and communication between the team, improve the business ability, so as to provide better service for customers, on February 17, 2023, Jinmai Company organized a marketing skills sharing seminar, in which all the business personnel participated.

The meeting centered on the two links of "experience sharing and thematic discussion", and invited Ma Mingbo, General Manager of Yafei Special Second Company, to teach the experience on the spot. Mr. Ma Mingbo, General Manager of Yafei Specialty 2 Company, was invited to share his experience on site, focusing on the issues of "innovative marketing thinking and skills, the establishment of effective communication, and how to carry out business from the perspective of the customer" and other issues for all the participants. Based on actual cases, Mr. Ma exported dry goods from his personal practical experience, and at the same time, everyone asked questions and exchanged ideas about the practical problems they encountered when conducting business.

The theme of the seminar is directly to the climax of the atmosphere. Everyone spoke freely and expressed their own views, discussing "how to better give customers a sense of trust and security", "factors affecting the creation of higher performance" and other substantive issues closely related to the improvement of business capacity and service quality. During the discussion, some people cited examples, some people advocated ideas, and the discussion was effective and beneficial to everyone.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Yue Zongzhen, General Manager of Jinmai Second Company, made a summary comment. He said that this marketing skills sharing seminar is not only the sharing of successful experience, but also provides an opportunity for all people to check and make up for the shortcomings. Whether it's self-checking their own business ability or improving the quality and efficiency of service to customers, we hope that everyone can continue to improve and strive for breakthroughs through this learning and exchange.

This meeting not only created a platform for business personnel to learn from experience and exchange skills, but also enhanced communication and integration between each other, broadened marketing ideas, greatly encouraged team morale, and further promoted the quality and efficiency of marketing business.