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Fancy life, happy to see the fragrance

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2023-12-01 17:20

In order to welcome the arrival of "March 8" Women's Day, build a beautiful and harmonious enterprise atmosphere, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the whole group, on March 8, Yafei Special Group organized "Flower Life - Pleasure to See Fancy" Women's Day themed floral activities to go on a spring The activity started in the fragrance of flowers.

The activity was opened in the fragrance of flowers. First of all, everyone watched and learned the basic knowledge of flower arrangement such as color matching and trimming. The most anticipated part of the event was of course the DIY bouquet. Taking materials, cutting leaves, and conceptualizing, a branch of daisies, sunflowers, etc. were trimmed and creatively combined by everyone's hands, outlining a piece of staggered and unique shape of flower arrangement. Everyone found pleasure in flower arranging and gained satisfaction from the works, and the beautiful bouquets of flowers conveyed good wishes and feelings of happiness.


This floral DIY activity not only let all the staff release the pressure and relax after hard work, but also enhanced the artistic aesthetic interest through the elegant skill of flower arrangement. Let everyone spend a warm and pleasant holiday in the process of feeling beauty, appreciating beauty and creating beauty.

Yafei Special Group also sends holiday greetings to the female compatriots who are working in various positions through this cluster of beautiful flowers, and wishes everyone to "blossom" in their work and life in the future with fuller enthusiasm and more self-confident attitude.