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I-beam, also known as steel beam, is a long steel with I-shaped cross-section. Its specifications to waist height ( h ) * leg width ( b ) * waist thickness ( d ) of millimeters, such as " work 160 * 88 * 6 ", that is to say, the waist height of 160 mm, leg width of 88 mm, waist thickness of 6 mm of I-beam. I-beam specifications can also be expressed in the model, the model indicates the waist height of the number of centimeters, such as work 16 #. Waist height of the same I-beam, such as several different leg width and waist thickness, need to add a b c to the right of the model to distinguish, such as 32a # 32b # 32c # and so on. I-beams are divided into ordinary I-beams and light I-beams, and the specification of hot rolled ordinary I-beams is 10-63#. The specification of hot rolled ordinary I-beams supplied by agreement between supply and demand is 12-55#. I-beams are widely used in all kinds of building structures, bridges, vehicles, brackets, machinery and so on.

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